2018 Dodge Challenger Price


$2,000 more than a 2018 Mustang Boss 302 and around $5,000 more than a 2018 Camaro SS when comparably equipped. Of course for the price you get dynamic suspension, a larger trunk, bigger back seat and one of the best exhaust notes in the industry. In an attempt to even the playing field, Dodge just announced a new “core” model which will start just under $40-large. When pitted against the competition, the 2018 Challenger may march to a different drummer, but this is a beat I dig. The 2018 SRT8 392 is ginormous, impractical and eats like a teenager with the munchies. It’s also comfortable, powerful and put more smiles per mile on my face than I had expected. It’s hard to go wrong with those results. Just don’t race for pinks, ok?
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