2018 Dodge Challenger vs 2018 Ford Mustang

2018 Dodge Challenger vs 2018 Ford Mustang
2018 Dodge Challenger- The all new 2018 dodge challenger is one sweet fast car for the money. Should the challenger deserve all the hype that the legendary ford mustang gets?

Engines- There are four engines available for the new 2018 challenger. Of course theres the standard 5.7 hemi with 375hp and a six speed transmission. Also available is the 5.7 hemi with fuel saver technology. Dodge also offers a pentastar V-6 that can pull 27mpg highway. For the people that like the real powerhouse engines there is a 6.4L hemi SRT-8 with 470hp that can hit 60mph in under 4sec.

Cost- The 2018 dodge challenger starts out at around $29,500. The most luxurious and fastest model: the 2018 SRT8 starts out at around $50,000 with almost everything you can think of put into it including that monster of an engine 6.4 Hemi.

Interior and Exterior- Just like most cars the 2018 challenger has a wide variety of the way the interior can look. Almost always it has standard leather seats but also available are two tone matching racing seats with the outside of the car. Many different color schemes are available for the entire interior, usually coordinating with the exterior. Of course also available is the touch screen navigation and radio. Also available is the standard radio. Depending on what model of the challenger you purchase the exterior could be a little different. Lower end models are just usually just standard 1 color and normal body style. Higher end models usually have stripes and decals such as the R/T and also have a sleeker body for areodynamics.

My Opinion- Being a dodge owner and buyer this is one of my dream cars. I would love to have the Redline R/T with the 6.4 hemi. I really like the body syle and the options available in this car. I would take this over the chevy and ford competition but im not saying its the best, Ford and chevy both have great cars that would defiantly give this car great competition.

2018 Ford Mustang- Unlike the 2018 challenger, the Ford mustang can be identified by almost anyone weather they know their cars or not. The mustang is just a more popular and more hyped up car. But is it overrated?

Engines- There are 3 engines offered in the 2018 mustangs. The lowend mustang gets a V-6 that puts out 305hp and gets up to 29mpg highway. The middle class mustang gets a good sized 5.0L V-8 with arounnd 420 horsepower. The 2018 Shelby GT-500 gets a special treat for an engine, a 5.8L V-8 with a cool 662hp and a top speed of around 205mph that yes could blow a 2018 Dodge Challenger away in race...

Cost- The standard normal mustang starts out around $27,500 with the V-6 and very few other options. The 5.0L V-8 gets a little more pricey starting at around $35,000 but with a few more options. Now for that 5.8L monster I told you about. The 2018 Shelby GT-500 with 662 hp and anyother option you can think of will cost you around $68,000, but you get what you pay for with this beast.

Interior and Exterior- Much like the 2018 challenger and other cars the mustangs can have many different looks. The lower end mustangs will get cloth seats, standard radios, and few other options. The higher end mustangs will get two tone leather racing seats, touch screen nav and radio, climate control and alot of other bells and whistles. The exterior options are also much like that of the challengers. Lower end cars get single color plain paint. Higher end models like the shelby will get decals, stripes, custom bodies, and two tone leather to go with the two tone outside gloss or metallic paint.

My Opinion-  Ford really outdid themselves with this car. There are many great features and options available, not to motion everyone would hear you before they see you if you had that GT-500. This is a great car and gives alot of competition to the 2018 dodge challenger and chevys camaro. The answer to the previous question of the mustang being overrated is definitely a no. Like I said before its a great car and one I would love to own. I still like dodge better though, and I always will.

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